Memorial Day: A Salute To Our Military Men And Women

Salute Our Troops (Photo Credit:

It is important for everyone to spend time with family and friends in kicking off the summer this weekend, which is traditionally a Barbecue event.

According to Tony Dungy, it is vital to [s]pend time with your family and loved ones, for no reason at all  but to be there. Because [y]ou will witness miracles you might otherwise miss forever.” (Emphases added)

However, do not forget the reason behind Memorial Day! The purpose of it is to reflect upon those men and women of our military who have made countless sacrifices in fighting for and defending out freedoms granted to us all in our Constitution.

The Representative for the First District of South Carolina, Tim Scott, stated the following via email to thank our veterans:

We reflect on the ultimate sacrifice paid by so many of our veterans, who chose to protect our nation even at the cost of their own lives. We think of their families and friends, who we can hope are comforted by the unimaginable courage shown by our veterans.

But we also celebrate the lives of those who have been lost, as well as those veterans still with us. They are true heroes, and deserve every ounce of honor and respect we can bestow upon them. Their efforts are the backbone of America, their actions providing security for everything we have accomplished.

On this day of reflection, let us take the time to salute and say thank you to every current and past member of the U.S. military and their families.

Furthermore, I would like to say that the past and current military personal are truly our heroes. We owe you more we could even fathom!

I hope sincere appreciation and thank you will suffice!

You can learn more about Memorial Day from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.


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