Dinosaur’s Appearing Across The United States: The Creation Museums Comic-Book Style Dinosaur Campaign

The Mighty T-Rex (Photo Credit: Answers in Genesis)








The parent company of the Creation MuseumAnswers in Genesis,  launched a unique national marketing campaign to publicize the museum on June 1, 2012.

Please allow me to explain what Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum are and their purpose before exploring the Creation Museum’s new marketing campaign.

Answers in Genesis is an apologetic’s ministry focused on defending the Christian faith and is dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith from a factual perspective and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively. The museum’s goal is to give answers to the questions that surrounds the most attacked book of  the Bible: Genesis.

The desire of Answers in Genesis is “…to train others to develop a biblical worldview, and seek to expose the bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas, and its bedfellow, a ‘millions of years old’ earth (and even older universe).” In short, their goal is to challenge the practical monopoly that evolutionists have gained in promoting their view of humanities origins.

Most will agree that  facts do not speak for themselves. As a result, facts need to be interpreted.  Answers in Genesis attests that there are not two separate sets of evidence for evolution and creation.  The organization states that everyone deals with the same fossils, see the same animals and other forms of evidence. Thus, the difference is not in the evidence, but how our research interprets the various facts.

The Bible illustrates the beginning of all things are from credible and eye-witness accounts. As a result, we can use the testaments contained in the Bible in achieving clarification of our world. However, this only occurs when it is used and properly understood. If so, the evidence confirms biblical accounts.

This has been the purpose of the Creation Museum since  it opened in 2007. The museum has attracted thousands of visitors while being the linchpin of controversy due to its exhibits that question evolution and for conveying creationism according to the Old Testament.

Triceratops (Photo Credit: Answers in Genesis)

The unveiling of the new Answers in Genesis national market campaign’s utilizes billboards that feature vintage comic style dinosaurs. As a result, dinosaurs can be found roaming the Garden of Eden in Kentucky where the Creation Museum is located.

The dinosaurs are depicted in a vintage comic-book style on billboards for the Creation Museum across several cities.  The campaign began in Chicago, San Francisco, and Houston. But the campaign will not end in those cities as Answers in Genesis will “…be encouraging people to sponsor billboards near their church or other spots in the locality where they live,” according to  the founder of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham.

But why dinosaurs?

The founder, Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis said that dinosaurs are at the center of the marketing campaign because they get the public attention. He added “[p]eople love dinosaurs,” and “‘[w]henever a dinosaur exhibit comes to town, people are fascinated by that.”

The Creation Museum conducts an annual national advertising campaign to support a high-profile around the United States. In order to attract hundreds of thousands of guests who travel to the museum to learn biblical truths every year.

Raptor (Photo Credit: Answers in Genesis)

According to Answers in Genesis, there have been multiple advertising campaigns that have helped attract nearly 1.6 million visitors to the Creation Museum in the last five years.

These type of advertising campaigns have helped increase traffic to the Creation Museum. In regards to the launch of the billboard campaign and Answers in Genesis article  stated that:

With the Creation Museum’s ad campaigns, it’s not surprising that an average of over 800 guests visit the museum each day. In the summer, some Saturdays can see 3,000–4,000 visitors! When you consider that secular museums, zoos, aquariums, etc. can have hundreds of thousands of public school students coming to their attractions each year, and it’s rare for a public school class to visit the Creation Museum, having an average of over 300,000 visitors a year is a major blessing of God.

The Creation Museums advertising company has taken unique approaches to spreading the news of the museum across the United States. In one year, the Creation Museum’s advertising campaign bought significant airtime on the Fox TV network which included time during the networks highly watched news programs in the morning and evening periods. In another year, Answers in Genesis purchased ad space in USA Today newspaper for the renowned “I Am Not Ashamed” campaign, which promoted the Creation Museum.

For the year’s campaign, the marketing company for Answer in Genesis, Joseph David Advertising, is continuing its efforts to attract people from across the United States to visit the Creation Museum. The Joseph David Advertising company has been able to secure space for more than one hundred billboards across the United States for the comic-style dinosaurs.

The majority of the twenty different billboard designs have a dinosaur theme while some others include a Mastodon or a Pterosaur.

The majority (58 of 100) of the billboards are located in Kentucky along the major interstates that lead in the direction of the museum. The rest of the billboards are located along or entering major interstates and highways – some are located near what mega-churches and areas around amusement park’s (Dinosaur World in Florida, and Stone Mountain in Georgia).

Those that are wondering where all the billboards are located can go to  Ken Ham’s Facebook page. A map showing where billboards for museum patrons to sponsor will be available on Ham’s Facebook page.

Mastodon (Photo Credit: Answers in Genesis)

Those states who do not have a billboard yet have hope in getting one. The goal of Answer in Genesis is to have this billboard campaign move throughout the United States. Ken Ham stated that Answer in Genesis wanted “…to see at least one board per state. Yes, possibly even Hawaii! So far, 24 states have posted museum billboards.”

Those states that who wish to have one of these billboards may get their wish as the campaign is barely starting. Those interested in getting involved in this campaign can sponsor one individually or with a group. The process can be started by contacting Answers in Genesis here.

Ken Ham asked wrote to “…please pray that these billboards will be used to bring many people to the God-honoring and Bible-upholding Creation Museum.”

There will be some people that will see these comic-style dinosaur billboards in California. In addition, there is one now located near the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah. Furthermore, there will soon be three of these billboards near Orlando, Florida, and around its world renown vacation locations.

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  1. This is a powerful ministry with great materials! All Christians should study some apologetics so that they know why they believe!



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