Man’s Innate Desire To Worship

There are many old-time favorite shows that we all hold dear and have many fond memories that take us back to different moments in our lives. I might be a young man, but I really loved watching numerous classics as a young child like the Andy Griffin Show, I love LucyThe Little House On The Prairie and so many other others.

I am certain that we all have a favorite episode of one of these old-time series that we can say taught us something. Well, that is the case for me at least because I can still remember one episode of The Little House on the Prairie due to what I learned from it.

In this particular episode, Pa was working hard to grow the crops like usual. The amount of work he did was normal as it was hard to make a living out on the frontier. I mention this because one night came as the family was asleep; Pa was awakened by lightning and thunder. Of course, he looked outside to see what was going on, to see a hailstorm hammering his crops. Seeing this, he immediately put on his hat and jacket and ran out to the field. With this going on, Ma immediately started to pray. Mary looked through the window while Laura tried to get around her to see Pa out in the dark trying to save the crops. Pa finally came in right before dawn and gave the family the bad news that the entire crop was lost. These crops that he worked hard on for months had been lost in one night. Their whole livelihood was lost due to this one storm.

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