The Bear Awakens

I'm Awake! I Promise!
I’m Awake! I Promise!

This “bear” has not been active in writing new posts for the last year or so. This “slumber” has been due to the time-consuming nature of being a seminarian while teaching and coaching as well. And, oh, let us not forget about this little thing called life.

It has been my desire to get back into writing posts on a regular basis over the past year. But, as with life, the hectic schedule this year has kept me away from the passion I have for writing in a leisurely fashion about topics I wish to cover. Nevertheless, I cannot complain about having this problem as I have been blessed in staying faithful to the things that God has placed in my life to be dedicated and committed too.

Though there have been various things that take up enough amount of time that it forced me away from writing. Not being able to spend time writing was disappointing yet very beneficial in being able to learn numerous lessons that I hope to utilize now and into the future to better communicate ideas in various subjects.

Through this time that I have been away “sleeping,” I often found myself contemplating what topics or series I would like to cover. It is through this contemplation that I realized the plan I had like an eternity ago it seems needed only to be slightly revised and continued into the future.

The original plan was about two years was to publish two posts in these areas on a weekly basis:

  1. C.H. Spurgeon’s commentary on the Psalms as organized by him.
  2. And to write an expositional series through Colossians or Philippians.

The revision of this plan changes nothing in its core. The change being made to the plan is an addition to the topics that will be discussed. The goal is to write answers to questions that the readers of this blog would like answered concerning the Bible, history, or possibly anything else. I cannot promise what questions I will be able to address or how quickly I will be able to answer them. However, I can promise that I will honestly look into each one honestly to determine if I will be able to adequately answer it. I will be honest about when I am unable to answer a question for whatever reason and do my best to direct everyone to a good explanation.

If you would like to submit a question, please submit it here.


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