The Top 5 Posts In Reflection of 2014

IMG_0942This past year or so has been a time of busyness. I articulated in The Bear Awakens that I have been away from writing “due to the time-consuming nature of being a seminarian while teaching and coaching as well. And, oh, let us not forget about this little thing called life.” Even though I was not able to write much this year, I have been blessed by the various people that have taken their time to read what I have written. I do not think it is possible for me to communicate my appreciation and thankfulness everyone that has taken their time to read and engaging (liking, commenting, and sharing) with what I have written. As a result, it seems that the best way to express my appreciation is by simply saying thank you! Though I wish there were more that I could do. In consideration of what I could do, I thought it would be a good idea to release a top 5 list of the most read posts this year.

The Top 5 Posts of 2014:

Thank you for taking the time to checking out this blog post. It is appreciated. I hope and appreciate that you have a blessed new year.



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