When My Heart Is Overwhelmed (Daisy’s Cancer Returns)

Britt Merrick announced the following news this afternoon on his Facebook page:

Not sure how to say this guys…

My daughter Daisy (7) had a CAT scan today. Her cancer has returned. 3rd time being diagnosed with cancer in as many years.

She has a golf ball size tumor right where her last one was.

Tomorrow she gets a PET scan to look closer and see if its anywhere else and in prep for surgery next week. Then we’ll see how to proceed.

Our current hope is that we rally prayer tonight and when they look tomorrow the tumor is miraculously gone or non-cancerous.
The oncologist says for the tumor to not be cancer would be basically a miracle.

We believe in miracles… we believe in Jesus.

The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing. The main thing is Jesus Christ.

A member of the body of Christ is never alone through personal struggles.

We need to lift Daisy Love in prayer. As well as everyone else as we all have our own storms.

Always remember that He brings peace in the middle of the storm.

The latest on Daisy can be found at Pray For Daisy.


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