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How Can a Good God Allow Evil? Does Life Have Meaning?

Sometime last year I was asked how such a good God allows bad things to occur to friends and family that are honestly good people. As a result, I contemplated this question and searched for a way to appropriately address the issue.

We all understand how hard that question is for many of us – if not all of us.  To understand for ourselves the broad issue of this subject, let alone being able to have a discourse with someone on the matter.

It’s fortunate that I came across this interview of Ravi Zacharias answering how can a good God allow evil? And how does life have to mean? This seems similar to questions we all have likely asked and considered ourselves over the years.

Thus, I thought it is appropriate to share this video.

Note: In case you were wondering, I did show this video to the person who asked me the question, and discussed their question(s) further.